Spiritual Healing

Charlene Rinehart Brown

Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Protective guardian retrieval.

These healing practices are based on spiritual healing techniques used by a multitude of cultures for thousands of years.

Soul Retrieval is used when a person has had an emotional or physical trauma and feels that a part of them has been lost. This could be an automobile accident, bad breakup with a partner or friend, an abusive relationship or incident, having had surgery and not feeling “quite right” after. There are a variety of ways we experience soul loss. This intervention brings the parts of ourselves back so we can be whole again.

Extraction is used when someone has a chronic health issue such as a “bad” knee, cancer, continual back pain or a substance abuse problem. The Spirit of the problem is removed from the body helping it to repair, rejuvenate, and restore to wholeness and health.

Protective guardian retrieval is used when someone feels that their guardian spirit has left and they are vulnerable. Symptoms of this may be that many negative things are happening to this person. This process helps restore the protective guardian spirit to the person helping them to once again navigate their life.