yoga-therapy.pngYoga Therapy

Jennifer Claus


Loving yourself one breath at a time.

Your capacity to love yourself depends on how well you know and accept yourself. Through careful movement and awareness of breath, you will experience all sides of yourself working together at the same time.

Develop compassion, endurance, and flexibility while expanding your natural awareness. This yoga practice builds on itself, but it always starts quite simply: just show up, snuggle on to your mat, and learn to love yourself one breath at a time.

Yoga therapy is a private yoga instruction where you are guided through asana with the freedom to process through awareness gained at any moment throughout the practice.

A typical practice may include an 45 minute practice with a 15 minute guided introspection at the end.
Other days, a typical practice may include movements interrupted for the call to process through awareness. Yoga therapy is an organic process where the teacher and practitioner practice allowing and honoring what is.