journey-work.pngJourney Work

Jennifer Claus


Journey into Freedom.
When we’re busy trying to keep up, get ahead, or stay afloat, it’s easy to lose sight of personal peace, balance, and wholeness.
The journey process helps one to discover those limiting beliefs, unhealthy vows, and thought patterns that inhibit the natural flow of peace and joy.

Journey work is a process undergone in the presence of a trained therapist. With eyes shut, deeply rooted hurts and unexpressed anger rise to the surface, making peace and forgiveness possible. As we consciously begin to clear the clutter that unconsciously runs our lives, seemingly spontaneous healings and remarkable new awareness effortlessly begin to emerge.

Journey work is designed to assist those with chronic emotional or physical pain, those wanting to drop worn-out habits, or those who want to experience a greater sense of peace in their everyday lives.