Kevin Baker

Phone: (269) 381-8191

Personal Counseling
- Individuals
- Families
- Groups
- Substance Abuse

Stress Management

Kevin is a fully licensed professional counselor (LPC) with a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Spring Arbor University. His practice offers individual (adult & children), family, and group counseling services. Focus is on working with the client in a holistic manner addressing all five aspects of the human condition, using a strength based approach. He has counseled clients who are struggling with a broad range of issues such as abuse (physical, mental/emotional, and sexual), depression, anxiety, anger management, and behavioral issues. Many of the clients Kevin has worked with have associated substance abuse issues which may have developed as a result of the individuals attempt to self-medicate the mental illness/emotional/behavioral issues listed above. Counseling services are focused on emotional management, healthy boundaries, communication skills and substance abuse treatment goals for both individual and couples. Any substance abuse issues are also assessed for possible co-occurring mental health, emotional and behavioral disorders.

In addition to his counseling practice Kevin is also an Adjunct Professor at WMU in their SPADA program. Kevin lives with his wife Camille and enjoys time with family and working in their multiple gardens.